Question“Why do you scrapbook?” was high in my thoughts recently when asking some friends if they’d like to try scrapbooking.

But rather than answer it for myself – which would make for very quick reading! – I decided to tell you some of the reasons to scrapbook I gave my friends.


When I invited my friends to come to my house to try scrapbooking one lady responded saying, “I don’t have kids so I can’t scrapbook.”

Let me just point out here and now that while having a child can be the starting point for some women, that’s not all there is to scrapbooking.

I quickly enlightened my friend to the fact that children are not the only reason to scrapbook, and certainly not the original reason. Early scrapbooks were often a form of diary and contained sketches and drawings, then later on, photographs, and anything else the author was interested in.

Nowadays many people scrapbook the loves in their lives from pets to people, to cars, to holidays, to family history and more.


So Scrapbook the Things You Love

This means you can scrapbook your graduation from college, your new puppy, or what about that well-loved old cat – I’m sure you have loads of photographs of them you could use.

Faithful Friend SBW18 smallIn this layout, Simone’s photographs are of one of her much loved dogs. (She has three, all from dog rescue centers.)

How about scrapbooking your first car, or perhaps you have a new one (& so many photos of it you’re wondering what to do with them.)

Maybe you’ve just moved house, in which case you could record the before and after pictures.


Scrapbook the Things You are Thankful for

One friend has lots of beautiful cards received over many years. She decided she wanted to put them into a scrapbook album to keep them together rather than spread all over the house.

One option with this is to write what it was that made each so memorable. For example one may have arrived just when she needed encouragement, or a laugh, or a reminder of something.

Which brings us nicely to one of the main purposes of scrapbooking. It is to record the story, thoughts or feelings behind the incidents and stages of life.


Scrapbook Your Life and History

You sometimes hear about people clearing a house after a family member’s death and coming across lots of photos. It’s reasonable to assume they must have been important enough to keep, but the person finding them does not know why they were important. They are often thrown out.

Scrapbooking your parents’ history while they are still alive will be a treasure for them and other family members. And scrapbooking your own will allow you to be known to future generations.

These are just a few ideas to be going on with.

With these thoughts in mind I decided to ask you out there in the wide world, why do you scrapbook? What motivates you to get your scrapbooking papers, embellishments and adhesive out? Or to go to your computer to create beautiful scrapbook pages?

I’ve listed seven reasons to scrapbook in the poll. You can elaborate on your selection by commenting below.


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Why do you scrapbook? If I have missed your primary motivation, please tell us about it below.


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