wm AMC ChoreChart Craft MKTG 600

What have scrapbooking and kids chores got in common? Nothing you might think.

How can your love of scrapbooking help the kids with their chores? No way, you say! Unless you mean forcing them to tidy up with me after I’ve been scrapbooking!

Can you really get kids to love doing chores? Nope!

Well, this great chores chart from Amanda McGee could help change your mind … and theirs!

I’m a strong believer in encouraging children to help with work around the home and garden.

When I grew up my grandmother lived with us. Two women in the house does not make for many chores for the kids! Even when I did try to help I could never do it quickly enough, so one or other always took over. I never did get any quicker/better at it.

Needless to say, as my own children grew up I taught them how to clean house, do laundry (load the washing machine, load the drier, and iron), cook, and garden work – boys & girls! And this included a chart. There were basic things like wash, brush your teeth and comb your hair (reminders were always needed when they were very little!) Make your bed – i.e. shake the duvet! Then there were things like load/empty the dishwasher, set the table, assist making the evening meal, etc. And, of course, tidy your room, and music practice.

We felt it was important that they did certain things because they were part of the family and for the smooth running of any household they had to be done. But there were other things they could earn extra pocket money for doing them. They got a basic allowance (because they were our children and we loved them) and could top this up by doing extra work around the house and garden.

I used a chart which was on display on the refrigerator door. It was frequently commented on when noticed by family, friends and other guests, and I was surprised how few people encouraged their children to anything … I must have been incredibly selfish … maybe I should have shown more grace and done all the chores myself? Nah, things need to be done, and a job shared is a job halved, yes? I tried to show grace at other times – and we all have plenty of opportunity in day-to-day life to do that!

Ok, my ramblings and reminiscences over, lol! Did it make any difference? I’ll have to ask them one of these days.

Make it fun for the kids to record chores done

Amanda¬†obviously sees life from a similar point of view for she has developed these wonderful ‘chore charts’ for her children – and shares them with us.

There are two versions:

wm AMC ChoreChart Craft MKTG 600
1. Chore Chart Craft (above)

“One pre-designed chart, one sheet of illustrated sticker style chores, and one sheet of doodles with word art as achievement markers.”

wm AMC SSCraft ChoreChart MKTG 600
2. Craft Templates: Chore Chart (above)

“Contains PSD and PNG format, one PNG sheet of illustrated sticker style chores, one sheet of PNG square chore and achievement markers with crop marks, and one sheet of doodles with word art for achievement markers.”

When I saw these I thought how boring my charts were! These are much more fun. I think they are amazing. Well done, Amanda! (She even has a ‘brush your teeth’ sticker … mum’s obviously have the same struggles, lol!)

The charts print on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper or card. And how about printing either of the charts onto magnetic paper to stick to the refrigerator. (Much better than that sticky-tacky stuff!) You could even make different ones for each child.

So, scrapbooking and kids chores have Amanda McGee in common, lol! I hope you find this chart helps encourage your tikes to get things done.