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OK, it’s not your traditional wedding rehearsal, but this scrapbook layout is fun nonetheless, lol! With two weddings that summer, the old voiles came out for dress-ups to play brides. It would be another twenty-one years before the real thing for both of them, marrying within six months of each other.

We have suggestions for both digital and paper scrapbookers, and a couple of ‘how to make’s.

How To Make the ‘Pearls’

With the marquee tool in PSEĀ I made a circle 0.25 inches in size, filled it with white, then added the ‘wow-plastic white’ effect. I then reduced the shadow and the glow until I had what I wanted. Duplicate it as many times as required.

And if you prefer to buy …

This link will help if you prefer to buy digital kits with pearl scrapbook embellishments like these:

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Or try here for pearls for traditional scrapbooks. You will find lots of lovely pearl swirls, butterflies, hearts, flowers, and other decorative ideas, plus individual flat-backed pearls in huge range of colors. Here are some examples:

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How To make the scallop border

With the marquee tool I made six one inch circles, touching each other, merged them so I could work with them all at once, then with the lasso tool cut them in half. Working on a transparent background you see the checkered layer and can use it to line up everything and as your guide to cut straight lines.

Note: if you wish to color each scallop separately, then put each circle on a new layer, color each, line them up, and then merge the layers and proceed to cut it in half vertically. Using ctrl+j will put the half you cut off onto a new layer giving you an upper and lower scallop border. If you forget to put it on a new layer and delete it, you can simply rotate the scallop to get the same effect.

The scrapbook paper used on the layout is by Brandy Buffington.

Free Give-away

Download the free digital layout template, or view and print the sketch for your ideas book.

Spring and summer are favorite times for weddings. Perhaps you’ll find another, more legitimate use for this wedding layout idea. Have fun with it whether you use it on National Scrapbooking Day or any other time.

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