This wedding layout uses a variation of scrapbooking sketch #26. The original had 5 photos, and this one has three times that – 15 across a two-page spread. The original grouping was kept and it was turned and duplicated along the two pages.

The layout was kept very simple so as not to distract from the photos, nor to make it too busy when there are so many.

The few embellishments used are the scrolls, sparkles and sparkle corners from the Inspired Collection, another lovely scrapbooking kit by Melissa Renfro at Scrap Girls.

Taking a closer look …

Sketch B double2 Sample WEB

The layout lends itself very well to having the two sets of parents at either end with their child, and other photographs from the day around the couple in the middle. (Love the one where the bride and groom are reflected in the lens of someone’s sunglasses!)

The background is a very soft lemon echoing the bride’s flowers, and the sparkle embellishments are a fun element that add to the magic of the day.


It’s important to remember when making a two-page layout like this that you choose and position your centre photograph very carefully. You want the centre split of the two pages to go between the bride and groom and not through a face. This style of layout looks fine in a post-bound album, but would not look so good in a ring file where you have a gap of a couple of inches down the middle – coming between the bride and groom!

Hope you enjoyed this simple multi-photo wedding layout and that it sparked some ideas for your next scrapbooking layout.