sketch41aIt’s surprising how many ideas you can get from one sketch. We’ve been working on sketch 41 and got 16 more to get you on your way. How many more can you come up with?

These are simply alternate ways to look at the sketch. You add even more variations once you start on your choice of scrapbooking paper and embellishments.

If you like to feel things in your hands when you work then print off two copies of the sketch and rotate them until you find an arrangement you like (and I missed!) You could also cut out the blocks and rearrange them to give even more variations.

Here are some Layout Ideas:

  1. Make a layout with 3 photos and journal in one area and use the other for a title.
  2. Make a layout with 4 photos and place the title in one area.
  3. Make a layout with 5 photos and place your title over the photos.
  4. Use the layout as a background with patterned papers or colored cardstock and place your matted photo on top.
  5. Place four 3 x 3 in blocks of scrapbook paper along the bottom.
  6. Work any size: 6 x 6 in, 8 x 8 in or 12 x 12 in.


Turn the layout around and what does it look like?

1. sketch41b 2. sketch41b

3. sketch41b 4. sketch41b

2-Page Layout Idea 1:

On a two-page spread it could look like this with 4-6 photos in the middle, or 4 photos plus a title in (or spilling out of) the centre band.


2-Page Layout Idea 2:

Another 2-page layout could look like the one below where we’ve placed the large photos together to give one 12 x 9 in main photograph and you could consider a bottom border of paper or perhaps a long, thin slice of a photo.


2-Page Layout Idea 3:


2-Page Layout Idea 4:


2-Page Layout Idea 5:


Final Layout Idea:

Or you can vary your design by placing the sketch within a 12 x 12 in scrapbooking page, as below.


I’m sure I haven’t covered all the options for this month’s scrapbooking sketch. Tell me what I’ve missed. If you post a layout on a blog or other website made with our sketch, please link to this post. (Right-click on the title and you’ll get where to link to.) Thanks. Happy scrapping!

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