sketch36 sampleJust a quickie with one of the variations of sketch 36.

We’ve still got three photos plus another enlarged as the background, but different positions this time. And the border is still there.

We were seeing a friend off late one evening at the end of last month and were aware it was very bright. When we looked up we saw a huge bright moon with these wonderful, colorful halos around it. Low thin clouds were moving fast but the moon stayed in the centre of this bright patch surrounded by blues, peaches, grays and darker blues. It was beautiful and we stood amazed, looking at it for ages, then we rushed to get the cameras.

It takes greater faith than I have to believe our amazing universe happened by accident rather than by design.


Take a closer look

sketch36 sample

The photograph that makes the background is another taken the same night, but as the whole layout seemed very dark, I inverted the image (ctrl+I) and this was the result. I placed one of the small photos over the moon because it showed as a black circle (white becomes black and black becomes white when you invert). You can still get the impression of the clouds in the image.

The layout is made in PSE. See the previous post to learn how to make the frame.

Other sample layouts like this are here:

It’s fun to experiment with a variation on a sketch. Scrapbooking ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks for looking in.