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What warm Valentine memories have you not scrapbooked yet?

They often say it’s the thought that counts. So with the Valentine season upon us let me encourage you as you create your Valentine cards or plan your photographs for your Valentine scrapbook pages, or make them: the warmth of the memory WILL long outlive the events of the day.

Precious Memories

SweetheartsBill and Ellie were High School sweethearts. It would probably have started earlier than that for Bill, but Ellie hankered after a senior. The senior ignored her while Bill’s devotion was true. They eventually dated, but even there Bill had to fight for her as she had eyes for another. Is it worth persevering? Bill obviously thought so as they are still together thirty six years later.

When asked about her most memorable Valentine’s card, Ellie got misty-eyed remembering her poor student boyfriend who made a card for her with a file in it – no she didn’t need to break out of jail to see him. The sentiment is forever fixed in her mind: “Sorry it’s not a diamond ring … but a diamond nail file is the next best thing!” A sheet of paper from his notebook, folded in half and with a crushed-diamond nail file held in place with some sticky tape! It was another couple of years before Bill could afford the diamond ring! (Bill, overhearing, says, “Did I say that? It’s so corny it must be original!”)

Traveling a long way to a business conference one year, Brad and Becky unexpectedly arrived a day early – on Valentine’s Day – to find the only rooms available at the conference hotel were offering a king bed, chocolates, champagne and roses at hiked, pre-conference prices! Fortunately their budget allowed for them to take advantage of it all and are left with very pleasant memories of a great conference!


Dating lessons

heart2Robyn said they always liked to give their kids a little gift at Valentine’s Day. They couldn’t always afford to go out, so when the kids were too old to be put to bed before Robyn and Hubby were desperate to eat, but not old enough to be out themselves, they’d buy a video the kids could watch in the family room while they had a romantic dinner in the kitchen next door – no not their neighbor’s house, the rooms were next to each other! She felt it handled their need for space and romance, while teaching the kids how to date. Candlelight can make even the kitchen feel romantic.

Valentine - 922155 love shackIn a small house with a large and busy family it can be difficult making space for romance. One Valentine’s evening Shellee gathered all the big comfy pillows from around the house and piled them in the only free space available that evening – a tiny corner by their open stairway so she and Harry could relax and enjoy a little uninterrupted, quality time together, along with some romantic music and a nice bottle of wine.


A card that taught an unexpected lesson

Jo remembers a card her Mum gave her Dad one year – and corny doesn’t have a look in! “To the man who makes my life complete; who warms my heart not to mention my feet!” Jo said, “While it scored zero on the romance scales, it did show there’s more to marriage than hearts and roses.”

What does romance do to a brain?


Romance – with a capital R

My friend Sarah Anne is so scatty she couldn’t remember if this was a real Valentine’s story or if she was mixing it up with another celebration. But it makes a fun story anyway!

She’s certain it wasn’t very long after their second child was born that Scot took her out for a celebration meal. Whether it was a ‘thank-you-for-our-son’ moment, a happy-birthday-anniversary or a Valentine-moment doesn’t matter; they had a wonderful meal in a cozy corner of a little restaurant and a romantic evening together. However, feeling quite full after a delicious salad and entre, Sarah Anne thought she’d skip dessert and order coffee. Scot was being talkative and attentive, making the most of their evening alone. He coaxed her to have a little dessert after all, even saying he’d finish it for her if it was too much – aah, the things we do for love!

She was soon somewhere between deliciously-delighted and slide-under-the-table-embarrassed when the maitre d approached bearing a beautiful carved wood box which, in full view of everyone, he placed in front of her. No, I don’t want a cigar she thought, for that was all she could imagine a restaurant might use it for! How strange to bring them to her! Did she look like a cigar-smoking hussy?

heartScot leaned across and said the appropriate romantic words and she realized it was a gift for her. She opened it to find sections for jewelry and was about to close it when at the last second she changed her mind and instead lifted the tray and discovered a beautiful bracelet. She almost missed it.

Who says the Scots are dour, dull, unimaginative and unromantic? Not her!


Make the memories

So, whether you’ve got money trees growing by the forest in the yard, or don’t have two pennies to rub together, you don’t need much to show someone your love.

Time and tide waits for no man they say. The days fly past – good and not so good. Some things are transitory; but the memories of precious thoughts and gifts, of time given and love shown, outlast the hard times and remind us that love and companionship are what we were made for.

May you always have warm Valentine memories. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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