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Can you make a layout with just three products? We did when using sketch #18 for a ScrapGirls challenge.

ScrapGirls had a fun week recently when they invited everyone on a Staycation. “What’s that?” I hear you say. It was a vacation at home – save money, save fuel but still have a great time. They had lots of fun competitions and challenges with prizes.

This challenge was to send Moss the dog, the ScrapGirls Moss-cot (mascot!) on vacation. You’d be amazed the places he ‘visited’ and the things he ‘did’.

A Layout with 3 Products

Isabella had been traveling and didn’t have her files, so she did the best she could with no supplies other than these three freebies she collected from the ScrapGirls website the day she made this:

  • 1 paper: MJO_BeyondMyself_Paper_Special
  • 2 embellishments: TYO_Picnic_Emb_Special
  • and SBA_IceCrmScl_Emb_Special

Oh, and a selection of Moss images that were free to download that week.

Have a look at the ScrapGirls Gallery to see some of the brilliant layouts made for this challenge. Many ScrapGirls inserted Moss seemlessly into their photographs and not just their layouts! There were family groups, seascapes, mountain adventures and my favorite which had ‘Moss the Daredevil’ hanging on for dear life to the wing of a plane at 35,000 feet – he didn’t want to be left behind! lol! This was by Joy (‘Actnfunny’), a gifted ScrapGirl.

See a larger image of Moss goes Walkabout

You don’t need lots of products to get started scrapbooking.

Whether it’s paper scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking look out for low-cost ways to try it out.

The ScrapGirls site offers a good way to try out digital scrapbooking for free with their daily gift of scrapbooking products to try out. And because there is something new everyday it doesn’t take long to gather a really useable collection.

Remember two important things about digital products:

  1. you can change the color to suit your needs
  2. you can print them out to use on paper layouts

ScrapGirls Freebies are only available for a few days, so grab the chance while you can. Sometimes they are part of a collection; at other times the item is a specially made extra.

So whether you’re using sketch #18 for a challenge or just looking for ideas for a scrapbook layout, we hope you find our scrapbooking sketches help.

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