Sandeman Jerez

This travel layout idea shows photographs taken on a visit to the Sandeman Sherry Bodega in Jerez, Spain.

I love traveling. I love taking loads of photographs on my travels. However, as you can see, it can take me a long time to get around to doing anything with them! These ones were hidden deep in my external hard drive and I came upon them by accident the other day.

We did several things that day, including visiting the royal riding school, but I don’t have any photographs of the horses – not allowed to snap while they are performing. I just have these four images and a couple of photos of a distant Rock of Gibraltar behind some billboards on the highway as we headed back to the coast. (You know the type, an unexpected view of something quickly snapped as we sped along the road. They rarely amount to anything.)

The photographs are small because they were taken with our first digital camera (which by current standards was awful!) But even although they are only a few KB per photo, PSE gave me a reasonable output.

Take a closer look

Sandeman Jerez

What a frustrating time I had creating this layout. the program crashed twice on me … and both times were when I hadn’t saved for ages. Grrrr! Why does it never happen just after I have successfully saved something?

The journaling reads:

On our 2nd trip to Spain circa 2002 we visited the sherry company Sandeman at Jerez. The tour was interesting, not too long, and finished up with a tasting, a few tapas & a ‘mini show’ where they filled the glasses from a very long-handled dipper which was swung around before pouring the sherry into glasses – very skilled! As we were leaving we saw the storks nesting high on 2 tall chimney stacks.”

There wasn’t a lot of room to write on the journaling circle, so I’ll add a couple of extra comments here: The young man filling the sherry glasses was very skilled. The implement he used was a little metal cup on a very long handle, which he dipped into the sherry barrel, swung in the air above his head, deftly pouring the contents into the glass – and all without spilling a drop!

Pity I can’t remember the sherry we bought as it was very good. Oh well, we’ll just have to try to visit again sometime, lol!

The other fascinating thing was seeing the storks in their huge, untidy nests, perched precariously on top of the chimney stacks. There was a story about the fate of the sherry house being linked with the storks nesting on the premises. I can’t remember the details but you probably know the gist of it.

It’s surprising what you can do even when the photos are not top quality. The photographs were enough to remind me of the story, and when you put them all together on your travel layout, it’s all there to remind you of the event some (more) years down the line. But then that’s what scrapbooking is all about.

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