This is a multi-photo layout idea uses sketch 14 published almost two years ago. It’s a sample of how to use the same sketch design for both pages of a two-page spread. This will work with some but not necessarily all sketches.

The photographs are of Tlaquepaque, a craft village in Sedona, Arizona, visited on a trip to the USA. The layout is made using the photos and text only, in photo-editing software, but the look would transfer very easily to plain cardstock and white ink.

The small image here looks a bit dark, but the bronzes glow nonetheless. I love them!

Sketch 14 used as a two-page spread

In our examples the sketch is use for the first page and the same sketch rotated 90 degrees for the second.



Closer views of the layouts

Aren’t these amazing sculptures? I so admire the skill of the hands that can create such beauty. And the middle photograph of the sculpture of the children on roller-blades is fun.

I love the idea of a cropped photograph to make the title on the left-hand page (Tlaquepaque).


This second photograph shows different aspects of design and sculpture in the buildings and around the village. The title block on this right-hand page is used for the town name. There is a little journaling on each page.


As you can see this simple multi-photo travel layout made with sketch 14 very easily becomes an effective two-page spread. Which of our other sketches do you think will make good double-page layouts, too? Contact us or tell us in the comments below. Thanks for looking.

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