Twirling sm - 636896Make the most of this moment. Then preserve the memories. (Have you scrapped yourself scrapping?)

We ran a series a while back about our reasons for scrapbooking. We polled you and discovered that one of the main reasons most of us scrapbook is to preserve the memories; we want to hold on to them for the future.

In Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella” video below, we have a poignant reminder of just how quickly the time passes, and why many of us make scrapbooks …


I like Steven Curtis Chapman’s music…

This video set me thinking and remembering – isn’t that what scrapbooking is about?

Doesn’t he just say it all? Cinderella dances with her Daddy today, but one day her Prince will come and Daddy will take second place to him. The time passes so quickly it can seem the changes come from one day to the next.

Don’t spend all your time dreaming of the past or planning or worrying about the future. Memories are being created today. Take time to enjoy them while they are here. Don’t let them slip past because we have too many other things on our mind to notice them today.


Do you like to listen to music while you scrapbook?

You can hear more of Steven Curtis Chapman at his online radio channel and listen while you work. (There are videos too, but you can’t watch those while your scrapbooking or you’ll never get that album finished!)

And, as Steven’s album This Moment (from which the single, Cinderella, comes) says, slow down, take the moments, hear what God is saying and enjoy the blessings in the present everyday.

Then you will have the triple blessings of having taken the time to enjoy the moment, the opportunity to preserve the memories in your scrapbook, and you can remember and enjoy the scrapbooked memories without regret in the years to come.

We published this post the day before Maria Sue Chapman’s fifth birthday. Sadly we learned of her death in a tragic accident at home only a week later.

Our condolences go to the whole Chapman family, along with our prayers for God’s comfort. At a time when they should have been celebrating, their joy was turned to mourning.

A very poignant note which only goes to strengthen the message in the songs.

Here’s an example from “The Pioneer Woman” who has captured her own “this moment” beautifully and written a story giving a fascinating insight into a lifestyle few of us share, but some may envy…This is the Life I?ve Chosen. – “Thank you for having the foresight to take along my camera so that you could capture these beautiful spring memories for me. Thank you for not making me go…”

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