sketch35 2page sample

This double-page digital scrapbook layout is made with sketch 35 and uses five photos to record some sweet moments during a recent visit from Isabella’s 14-month old grand daughter.

It can sometimes be difficult to work on a two-page spread and get your ideas flowing smoothly across both pages. If you find it hard, try joining the pages with some removable adhesive on the back. Once it’s complete, slice through the join with a steel rule and a sharp blade to separate them. Remember not to place photos in such a way that you have to slice through your subject; you always want to cut through a gap in the image.

The same applies to your title. The title letters here have been positioned carefully on either side of the dividing line.

As this was a digital layout, Isabella said she found it easier to work on a 24″ x 12″ canvas and then copy each half to a 12×12 if she decided to print it. She found it difficult working with two separate canvases.

(I wonder if perhaps the sticky-tape-on-the-back method might work for printing a digital layout, too? I don’t have a printer that can print 12 x 12 paper, perhaps you would be good enough to let me know if you’ve tried it, and how successful or otherwise it was.)

sketch35 2page sampleLeftsketch35 2page sampleRight

Take a closer look

sketch35 2page sampleLeft

sketch35 2page sampleRight

The digital scrapbook page is made using PSE, and the digital products are by Renfro, Sok and Tippets.

I notice Isabella is re-using an element created for another layout not so long ago. If you’ve spent time creating a decoration for one page, it’s only natural to want to use it again on another – especially when it’s as pretty as this garland.

I also loved the hug coupon that never expires, lol! A fun item to slip in a card or note for many occasions, too. And you don’t need an ‘occasion’ to use it, either! Slip it in your loved one’s pocket when they are not looking, or in a lunch bag. It would be a lovely, unexpected surprise for someone to find when they least expect it – maybe when you know they have a hard day ahead. I used to do something like this when DH was travelling.

The journaling is simply a list explaining the photographs plus a few memories from the day(s). Notice how the bullet points have been accented with brads.

One thing missing from Isabella’s scrapbook page is a date. It’s usually a good idea to note names, places, times and dates of the photographs and events when you make a scrapbook layout. However, that said, this information can all be noted on the back of the page and, while they can add some interest to the layout, they do not have to be on display.

Cheeky and cute photos of a sweet little girl make up Sweet Moments, this month’s layout idea from a page sketch – a great way to start a scrapbook layout. New and experienced scrapbookers alike benefit from them, and paper or digital scrapbook layouts can be made. You don’t have to spend ages planning or wondering where to begin. You don’t have to stick to the sketch either, but simply allow your creativity to flow from it, changing it to suit you as you go. This month’s original sketch had three photos and five are used here. What is your take on sketch 35?