*Maybe I can Help!*

Hi from Genie Balfour,

I am finishing a new e-book – Scrapbooking Resources Guide . This will cover many different aspects of scrapbooking.

I want to make sure that I don’t leave any important issue or problem unanswered regarding scrapbooking. Will you help me? I respect your time and input.

Let me know the most important questions or problems you have in scrapbooking and I will try to answer them in my list of potential topics in the e-book.

To say thank you for your precious time I will send a free copy of this e-book to you (which I expect to sell at a decent price).

So just type in your answers and you will get your free copy from me soon.

What is the main problem you are facing in scrapbooking?
Why is that question important to you?
How difficult has it been for you to find an answer to your question?
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