03 Sketch Idea WEB

This scrapbooking layout idea uses our free template scrapbooking sketch 30.

We do this in two stages because of feedback a while back. Some of you said you like to get samples and others don’t, so to keep everyone happy the sketch appears first and then the sample layout a few days later.

Often it’s the layout itself that catches the eye which is why we include a link to the sketch used.

Now, I did warn you that we would have lots of layouts from Isabella with photos of her little grand daughter. However we didn’t expect to be talking about stitches and an 8-month old in the same breath.

“Emily had her first fall recently,” Isabella said. “And because the cut was across the line of her top lip, the local A&E did not want to do the repair. Instead she was sent to the Children’s Hospital a few miles away, where the plastic surgery team did a great job.”

The layout uses Angie Briggs’ “Just Be” collection from Scrap Girls. It’s our current favourite scrapbooking kit, because we think it’s fun, lively, and so versatile.

Taking a closer look …

03 Sketch Idea WEB

The products used are:

  • Just Be You
  • Favorites Word Art Mini by Melissa Renfro
  • Paper Templates: Background Blenders by Brandie Murry
  • Chipboard Textured 4107 Mini by Cheryl Barber
  • Borders 5101 by Durin Eberhart
  • Pearl 5101 by Durin Eberhart

Isabella added a pearl style to the title and the flower, and a textured chipboard effect to the large bracket. The opacity of the background blender paper was reduced to 35% which allows the patterned paper below to show through, and the opacity of the paper itself was also reduced to let the colour below it to shine through.

“The photographs are not as sharp as I’d have liked,” said Isabella. “However, the thing to remember about scrapbooking is that it’s recording your memories, so don’t be put off by a poor photograph.

“Sure, there are times you may want to enter a competition so the quality of the photo will be important, but for most of us, most of the time, we can cope with a slightly fuzzy image because it still helps us remember the event.”

Well, this ‘Stitches’ layout is another sample scrapbooking page using one of our free scrapbooking sketches. If you’d like to try some more go to our sketches or to the tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page. TFL.