If you want to start scrapbooking there’s never been a better time to take the plunge! There are so many wonderful scrapbooking products available from beautiful scrapbook papers to stickers, kits and embellishments that add pizzazz to your layouts. Papers are available in sizes 6″ x 6″, 8″ x 8″, as well as the traditional 12″ x 12″ so it’s easy to make a scrapbook any size you want …

Getting around to scrapbooking may take a while but once started it can be addictive, taking over not only your time but your house, too! Because I escaped the habit for so long my husband and children were never abandoned for a house full of scrapbooking stuff, as can happen once hooked! Maybe that’s another reason to thank God for a long and happy marriage!! (Or maybe it’s my husband and children who should be thankful I didn’t get the bug sooner!)

After my first child was born every stage she went through was so new and special and, even although I’d intended to write everything down, I never did, because of course I’d never forget such important events, would I? My boys came along in relatively quick succession, and I still thought each stage so unforgettable I didn’t need to write it down. You might say I’m a slow learner! Of course I have forgotten many things, so before I go any farther, new moms take note: WRITE IT DOWN WHEN IT HAPPENS for life is busy and you will not remember everything you think you’ll remember.

Older, Wiser and more Organized?

OK … I’m older and wiser now – and have more time on my hands, so maybe I’ll get around to actually organizing the photographs even if I can’t remember the exact dates and the whole story behind each photo. And that’s where scrapbooking comes in.

Scrapbooking could be said to be capturing the ‘who, what, why, when and where’ of life. One scrapbook supplies company says that to reminisce, record and relish are the most powerful motivators when it comes to scrapbooking. Because relationships, thoughts and feelings are so close to the female heart the world over, scrapbooking has become the biggest activity in the craft and hobby industry.

What should I scrapbook?

Thinking about the purpose of your scrapbook will help you identify what to put in it. For example do you want to document

  • one child’s life – baby to graduation, wedding and beyond
  • your family life – doing things together
  • family vacations

A scrapbook can cover a short period: hours of a special birthday; days of a vacation; weeks of a school year; or a lifetime, as in a heritage album of your parents or grandparents. The decision is yours and your decision will define your scrapbook.

Your purpose will also determine the scrapbooking products you may wish to use. Consider whether you want to make your own from scratch or buy ready to use scrapbooking supplies. As a beginner I’d suggest looking around for free scrapbook layout advice and buy some of the items suggested to get you started as these are all coordinated to work together. I still make the mistake of buying things that catch my eye without thinking far enough in advance about where and with what I’ll use them. As a result I have many scrapbooking stickers, papers, brads, ribbons, flowers and other embellishments I’m still waiting to find the right colors to match with them!

The internet is a great resource for scrapbookers. Many online shops also show you how to do things. Take a look at paperwishes.com for example. Scrapbook.com even has a university!

But scrapbooking is not restricted to family events, you can catalogue/showcase

  • your collection of rare botanical specimens
  • the different Harley Davidsons you’ve had over the years
  • your staff – if your business is getting bigger and you find it difficult to remember all your staff like you used to, a scrapbook containing little snippets will bring you closer to them again

These are all scrapbooking opportunities. Whether it be your family your business or your interests, gathering the relevant photographs and information together in one place forms a scrapbook.

Go on, start scrapbooking – join one of the largest, friendliest hobby groups around. Then write and tell me how you get on – I’m sure you’ll love it!

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