Spanish Golf 2 - 600x72 Why are we talking about a Spanish golf apartment to rent on a scrapbooking website?

As scrapbooking enthusiasts we scrap everything, right? Including golf resorts? Well … ye-es, but …?

One of the jobs I’ve often thought I’d enjoy is that of the person who gets to furnish the model homes or show apartments for builders. You know, the houses the builders use to convince you their new development is just where you need to be.

I’d love to choose the furniture, the drapes, the linen, the paintings and all the little things that make a home look good. I’m sure it’s the fact of everything coordinating that sells these homes. That and the fact there are never any toys, newspapers or clutter lying around, lol!

Like most people, our home is quite a mishmash, a hodgepodge, jumble, miscellany, muddle, and probably all of the above some days, lol! The contents grew bit by bit as and when they were needed or we had the spare cash.

Once upon a time this was how things were done. Now there are people who will do it all for you to save you the headache … at a price of course. That’s great if you are cash-rich-and-time-poor.

Maybe it’s the coordinatedness (is there such a word?) and the tidiness that always appeals, for with more than one person in a house it doesn’t stay tidy for long.

Anyway, I used to dream of having that job.

I’m not a shopaholic or anything like that. I just like new things. I like change. I like the idea of spending someone else’s money and getting paid for doing it. lol!

Well I had a little taste of what it’s like recently.

Friends were setting up an apartment in Spain and I had the opportunity to go along too. And, like many things, it’s not as easy as it seems. This is especially the case when funds are limited, and you don’t know the language, the shops or your way around.

The plan was for the Girls to get the apartment ready and the Guys to test out the golf in the area. Yes legitimately! The apartment is on a golf resort in a corner of Spain with loads of golf courses, so being able to talk about the quality of the courses should help them to rent it.

It was hard work getting everything into place in the time frame. Nothing is ever as straightforward as you expect. But we did it.

We found a wonderful little antique store which had several things we fell in love with. A very patient lady at an excellent bed store who quickly helped us out. A lighting store with a lovely young lady who spoke a little English and kept apologizing because she didn’t know enough of our language – when we were the ones who didn’t speak her language in her country! Then there was Ikea! Did I say something earlier about a mishmash … oh, but an elegant mishmash! lol!

What Scrapbooking Supplies did we use?

In our layout the products used are from these collections or embellishment sets:

  • His and Hers Collection Biggie
  • Abstract Expressionism
  • Up at the Villa Collection Biggie

As with most of the ScrapGirls products you can buy a whole Collection or various smaller groups of embellishments.

A typical collection biggie includes 16 papers, plus alphas, frames, word art, borders and many embellishments. It’s good value.

These products were also used:

  • AWI_BrushSet_MyDescriptions
  • JHI_SSEmbell_CurledEdges
  • MRE_SS_EmbTemp_LiftedPhotos
  • SG_Refresh_LCO_GrungeBrush
  • SG_Refresh2_BrushSet_TCS_Sun

There you have it then: scrapbooking the story behind a Spanish golf resort because a friend has an apartment to rent there – and a very nice one at that! Should you want to learn more about it, use our contact form with a title of ‘Spanish apartment’ and we’ll send you the contact details of our friends. However, please be assured we never pass your contact info on to anyone.

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