Clouds on a Winter EveningThis simple scrapbooking layout idea uses five photographs, some brads, a word fragment and journaling block. It includes text on the dark area of the large photo.

That’s it! As I said: simple!

Read on for a few scrap booking tips.

When talking with folk who have not tried scrapbooking yet they usually assume you can only scrapbook children, family and holidays. Wrong!

What can you scrapbook, then?

Anything! This was the view from my lounge windows as the sun was beginning to set one beautiful afternoon last November. We’re used to lots of cloud cover in this part of the world … and sometimes they are fascinating! The clouds here were so unusual, just rising in a pillar. (I missed the first one which is slinking off the side of the photo.) I snapped and snapped, and decided to scrapbook them just the other day.

Tip: I find it helpful to prepare a layout in a simple form on the computer and then print the photographs to make the layout on paper. This way the photos are the size I need and I have an idea of where I’m going with the layout. If I print the photos without a plan they are never the right size and I either print too many or not enough – so it’s cheaper doing it this way.

In effect, this becomes my scrap booking sketch from which I make the paper layout.

Clouds on a Winter Evening2

Idea: Write the date on a small piece of transparency or vellum and slip it on the angle across the top of a photo (just like you might use a ribbon). You can fasten it around the back if you are careful or use a paper clip, staple, brads, etc.

Idea: Or stamp the date or words on to ribbon and trim in the same way.

Idea: Make use of the dark area of a photograph. Add a title to it or journal in it. If you are making a physical layout then use letter stamps with white StazOn ink, pens that will write on glossy surfaces or again put your text on a transparency and attach there.

Idea: Or slip a length of ribbon across the dark area of your photo.

Clouds on a Winter Evening alt2

These two simple scrapbooking layout ideas are variations on the same theme. The first has the photos mounted on a color similar to the thick cloud at the side of the photo; in the other the photos are not mounted, but the whole layout is mounted on white. I can’t decide which I prefer! Which do you? Leave a note in the comments to say.

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