Oh those eyes

Scrapbooking does not have to be complicated! This simple scrapbook layout was a very quick one to showcase this beautiful photograph.

The paper already had the border print at the top and bottom edges which makes a quick page really easy to do.

Read on to take a closer look and to see how this simple scrapbook page was created.

Take a closer look

Oh those eyes

“I created a clipping mask using the rectangle marquee tool, feathering the edges by 30 pixels,” said Isabella. “And because I wanted Emily’s blue eyes to stand out, I chose a brown paper. I then added the journaling about how the surprise visit came about, how I waited (impatiently!) for my daughter to bring Emily downstairs in the morning for breakfast, and how I am looking forward to when Emily sleeps in a bed and can come through when she wakes up and climb into bed with us – just as my daughter did when her grandmothers visited all those years ago.

“I didn’t want anything to detract from the photograph, so have kept the whole thing very simple: photo, paper, title and story.

“I was thrilled to see how well the feathered edge blended into the background making the whole thing look one piece. I’d love to say it was by design, but I have to be honest … it just happened!”

“It was such a fun visit! I’ll bore you again soon with another layout about some of the things Emily says and does,” laughed Isabella.

A simple scrapbook layout does not take long to do and can often be more effective than a highly decorative one. Enjoy your own style whatever that may be, and try something a little different now and then.

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