sketch 45 sample

For this simple layout idea I used scrapbooking sketch 45 (opens in a new window).

I used the star as a photo mask and changed the stroke (the fine line or ‘mat’ behind the photo) from grey to white. It looks better on the finished layout and helps the eye distinguish the small photograph from the large one.

When I made the digital layout template I put the stroke on a separate layer which allowed me the freedom to use it or not. It’s easy to add a ‘mat’ to a regular shape like a circle, square or rectangle on a digital layout and put it on the layer behind the photo. However, irregular shapes like the star are another matter and I struggled with that for a while. So …

How do you add a stroke on a different layer?

I use PSE 8 and I am aware that things can vary from one version to another, as well as one program to another. Here are the steps for me to do this:

  1. I create a new layer above the layer to which I want to add the stroke;
  2. Control+click on the thumbnail of the layer where I want to add the stroke – the ‘marching ants’ will appear;
  3. Go to Edit and select the size, color and position of the stroke – as I use this to ‘mat’ my photos I usually select the outside position;
  4. The stroke will appear on the new layer;
  5. Remember you have an ‘undo’ button (or control+z) and if you are not happy with the result you can change the size and color quite easily;
  6. If you wish to change the color later, control+u will take you to ‘hue/saturation’ where you can do this.

Back to how I created this layout …

The elephant photo was clipped to the background layer of the frame and turned slightly to match the angle.

I filled the background layer with the color that is behind the elephant, and if you don’t look too closely it seems as if the frame is sitting on top of a full-page photograph. To do this, create a new layer below your photo, click on the color patches on the bottom left of your screen which will open the color palette, select the background color from the photo with the eye dropper and use the paint bucket (control+k) to fill the new layer with the color.

Take a closer look

sketch 45 sample

Jose Torres took the elephant photo – thanks for letting me use it, Jose.

Those are some brave women allowing the elephant to step over them. Well, I mean, he can see where he puts his front legs … but how does he know where he puts his back legs?!?!

Scrapbooking sketches are a great way to get your layouts done quickly. And even if the idea is not quite what you thought you wanted, you can vary it to add your own touch with little effort. The foundation is there to get you off the starting blocks. We have many more sketches on our site (link opens in a new window) – have a look, and see where your next layout takes you!

Thanks for taking a look at our simple layout idea for a scrapbooking page. Have fun scrapping!

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