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We published sketch 39 yesterday and here we have a simple layout idea using it. The scrapbook page uses 4 photos overlapping each other and a few embellishments. The title would work well with chipboard letters, and there’s space to spread them across the top.

I often use cardstock for my background rather than scrapbooking paper as I like to journal directly on the card rather than on journaling blocks.

How do you decide what background paper and colors to use? And what photography tip was used for one of the photos? Read on to find out.

See the effect of slightly different colors on the layout

It’s a good idea to use a color from your photograph to be one of the main colors you use for background cardstock or papers, embellishments, titles or text. I’ve used:

– blue from the sea here

stack em1a sample

– pink from the funny little car in the photo

stack em1a sample2

– and a creamy shade from some of the buildings.

stack em1a sample3

Here’s the tourist bit …

Portpatrick is a pretty little village in south-west Scotland. It is on the coast about 30 miles across the Irish Channel from Ireland. It was once the shortest sea crossing – well it still is, physically – however winter storms regularly wrecked the harbour walls, and without the protection of the walls boats crashed on the rocks. Sometime in the 1800s the seamen decided to divert round the corner into the relatively safe but deep waters of Loch Ryan, from where the modern ferries still run.

What’s left is a pretty little village with a small harbour and lifeboat station, a little beach, and a rocky coastline (dangerous in places) that children of all ages love to scramble over. And, of course, on the hillside there are several rather nice hotels, and a golf course with magnificent views at the top. If you are a keen walker you may know Portpatrick as the start of the Southern Uplands Way which crosses the south of Scotland from the Irish Channel to the North Sea.

Take a closer look at the layout

stack em1a sample

Stacked photographs on your layout are great when you want to hide something, but choosing the right areas to display can be a little tricky. On these photos I wanted to see the lighthouse, the row of buildings above the tiny beach (there’s a lot more beach for sandcastles when the tide is out), the funny little vehicle I saw outside the Lighthouse Craft Shop, and the boats lined up facing the exit to the inner harbour.

Tip: don’t always zoom in to your subject when taking photographs, but rather take a wide angle and a close up shot. This way you can choose whichever image fits your layout, or recompose the image for another take. For example, the portrait shot of the harbour was cropped from a landscape photograph showing much more of the harbour which had too much empty sea in it.

If this simple layout idea is not quite what you are looking for, try one of our other sketches. Have fun scrapbooking.

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