4th-generationAnother simple layout idea, this time showing four generations of first-child daughters, in Isabella’s family.

“You most definitely want a photo of the four generations of a family for the scrapbook album,” said Isabella.

“We had taken photographs with Great Granny when Emily was just a couple of months old, but they didn’t come out too well. So when she visited with her mommy again recently we jumped at the chance to try again. It’s still not perfect, but everyone is looking at the camera and smiling!”

Read on to find out what how this layout was made, and to see a larger image.

“And the real bonus is how well, and my goodness, how young, my mother is looking!! (I must be getting really old. Don’t tell her I admitted either of those, lol!)

Take a closer look at ‘The 4th Generation’ layout


“I wanted my layout to resemble a photograph frame for this layout,” Isabella told me, “so I’ve used the ‘simple pillow emboss’ in the bevel effects palette of PSE. I think this makes the photos look as though they are sitting within the frame rather than on top of the layer. The outside edge is made using the ‘inner ridge’ bevel at 81 pixels.”

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Yes, this is a simple layout idea, but effective.

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