Santa Baby

This simple, budget Christmas scrapbook page is made without buying any extra supplies. Yes, it’s a Christmas layout, but it could just as happily be a Valentine’s Day , birthday or anniversary scrapbook page – any occasion where you want to spend the money on gifts rather than scrapbooking supplies!

We’ve used paper ‘ribbon’ – you’re bound to have red paper you can cut into strips, or even real ribbon in your stash from previous Christmas or Valentine layouts.

The holly and stocking embellishments are cut from MS Publisher clipart images – obviously you’ll want to choose images appropriate to your theme. Stick each to light card before cutting, to add a little ‘substance’ to them. You could add a little glitter or sparkle since it’s a Christmas layout.

You can make scrapbook titles or letters for titles on your computer. The title dancing across the page here was created in Microsoft Word and is printed in red on white paper. Leave a little border around each letter when cutting. The font is Comic Sans MS. In this case we simply fixed the letters straight to the layout, but you could glue them first to some card, in which case cut roughly round each letter before sticking it to the card, then cut the detail through both layers. This saves wasting time cutting the detail twice.

Computer paper is not usually acid free, so be careful not the put these letters next to your photos as over time the acid will migrate from the paper and can damage your photographs.

The little tab above the photograph pulls out to show hidden journaling.

This layout started as some thoughts in MS Publisher. This was the result there …

DIY Santa

Then transformed to two physical layouts. The one described in this article …

DIY Santa - red016

… and the other in Christmas / Holiday Scrapbooking Layout Ideas

DIY Santa 012

If you found yourself here while looking for ‘genuine’ digital scrapbooking layout ideas, you could try this link to ScrapGirls newsletter where there are many great ideas for beginner and experienced scrapbookers alike – and some freebies. You can also buy and download excellent products from their store. They have a wide selection of digital products.

The elegant swirl framing the top left of the photograph which shows clearly in real life but is only hinted at here, can seen in close up below.

DIY Santa - red016
DIY Santa - red018

Sometimes a simple layout works best.

If you still have some Christmas money to spend then check out these lovely swirls and flourishes clear acrylic stamps .

Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer Swirls

We used these Rhonna Farrer Swirls from Autumn Leaves clear stamp collection on this layout. If you’d like to get some, use our 50% off link

50% OFF the regular price of 1 item at!

and copy the product code DDA N 328291 into the search box. And if JoAnn’s current price is better then go with it and use the 50% discount on something else.


Swirls and flourishes are all the rage just now. If you prefer these clear acrylic stamps from Hot Off The Press , the link will take you to their site.

HOTP acrylic stamps winter swirls HOTP acrylic stamps swirls

So, a simple budget Christmas scrapbook page to grace this year’s Christmas scrapbook album, yet an elegant addition to any special theme you will require.

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