SchoolhouseSeasons come and go. The different seasons of life often bring the big questions of life …

Summer’s almost over … School’s in for the new session … another busy year ahead … Soon it’ll be Thanksgiving … then Christmas … where does the time go?

At what stage of life do you find yourself? And what are you asking?

Just Setting Out …
Schooling’s over. The FUTURE lies just ahead. Rushing through the 9 ’til 5 so you can get on with REAL LIFE. Is this how do you see life?

The Busy Mom …
After changing another diaper, mopping up after another sick child, or spending another evening driving the kids from one after-school activity to another, you wouldn’t be the first mom to ask, “Is there more to life than this?”

The Empty Nest …
Cheryl’s youngest has just gone off to college. She has devoted the last 20 years to her family. “What should I do now with so much time on my hands?” she asks. “Being a mom has been every bit as fulfilling for me as a career has been for Ms Career-Woman,” she says. “Can anything be as fulfilling as nurturing, encouraging, instructing and instilling wisdom into young lives and minds? I just need to find my feet in a new world,” she adds.

At a Crossroads …
When her baby was born, Jaylene wondered, “Is there a God?”

When her husband left her with a toddler and a baby of a few months, Amber wondered, “Where is God when I need him?”

When her two-year-old was diagnosed with leukemia Aimee asked, “How could this happen to us?”

When her son went to jail, Berenice asked, “Where did I go wrong?”

When her father died, Emily Jane asked, “Is there life after death?”


The big questions are not just asked by academics

alpha logo 2002These seasons of life often cause us to ask, ‘Is there more to life than meets the eye?’

And are there answers to the big questions of life? Alpha gives an opportunity to discuss the questions. Many find answers. Would you?

Make time to check out some of the big questions for yourself this year. You’re worth it!

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