Emily July10

Isabella’s scrap book layout Sugar and Spice is a scraplift from an idea she saw in an advertising leaflet from Pebbles Inc., a scrapbooking supplies company.

It can be hard remembering where you find layout ideas sometimes. I always try to write a note beside the quick drawing I make when I see a layout I like.

However, sometimes it’s an advert, an abstract painting, or something seen at a distance that prompts an idea and you can’t always credit the correct person then. But we do try to whenever possible.

So, although we do not have an individual’s name here, at least we have the company name to be going on with.

Isabella’s favorite subject is her beautiful little grand daughter, so we have plenty examples of children’s scrapbooking layout ideas, lol! Unless she diverts to another subject it could be a very long time before we see a wedding layout from her! *grin* That said, it seems no time at all since Emily was a new little bundle of joy.

Take a closer look

Emily July10

Isabella made the products she used.

We have a companion page for this layout which we’ll show tomorrow.

A scraplift is even easier than working with a scrapbook sketch as the whole design is already there for you. A scraplift is also a great way to try a new style of scrapbooking. Have fun scrapping.

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