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Tradition is important in all cultures, and it’s good to make sure you have some layouts that cover the traditions you celebrate. Scrapbooking YOUR traditions, whether it’s cultural or family traditions, summer, wedding or church traditions, will remind your children of why something is important to you and your family. Passing on the message or the story helps keep it alive.

Tradition means to ‘pass time-honored customs, beliefs, stories and songs from one generation to another ‘. As you can imagine, that can encompass a lot of things from deeply held beliefs, to a style of dress, to family folklore, some of which goes back hundreds and even thousands of generations. Even superstitions can run in families and cultures.

Tradition is to hand over, deliver or entrust, often of one’s faith. Tradition is a set of practices, a way of doing things.


So what type of things make up a tradition?

And if I don’t have any, can I make some?

I remember going to see a new Star Trek film one New Year’s Day with our teenage children, starting a new tradition in our family that continued for several years, even for a while after the youngest left home. Admittedly, ‘real’ traditions last longer than that, but it was important to our kids for the period of time we did it, and that is a significant reason for adopting some family traditions.

Another family tradition that has continued through two generations is the fact that the Christmas tree always goes up for my birthday which is shortly before Christmas. And in my husband’s family a ‘clootie dumpling’ was made for all family celebrations from family birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas and house birthdays! (Basically, any excuse, lol!) I got a very excited call from my daughter a few months ago to say she had made her first dumpling and it was a success. She was so thrilled she made another the week afterwards, just to make sure it really did work! This is now the third generation that we know for sure, and may even be the fourth, continuing this tradition with the same recipe.

But even more importantly to me is the fact that faith is passed from one generation to the next. My husband’s family have been Christians for several generations, but my own mother only had an idea that the ‘right’ thing to do was to send my brother and I to Sunday school – she never went to church herself as she felt she wasn’t good enough.

That brings tears to my eyes.

God knows we are not good enough, yet loves us just the same. He knows not one of us can meet his standard, but loves us just the same. He is totally honorable, totally good, totally principled and totally just, that is He does what is legally and ethically right, proper and fitting. Wrong just does not enter his character. Yet he loves people just the same. See The Father’s Love Letter to find out more.

So it is very important to me to pass on what I know of this gracious, loving God to my children – and any others willing to listen. I can only say what I have found to be true, tell you about it, and let you decide for yourself. I cannot make you believe what you do not want to.

Tradition is teaching the things that are important and of value, and the carrying on of them … therefore the one taught needs to take hold of the baton and carry it before passing it on to the next generation. Just as in a race, you choose whether or not you will take the baton, and even then, sometimes it is dropped and picked up several times before the race is complete.


Traditions Layout

In this layout, these Nigerian ladies at our church looked absolutely wonderful in their beautiful dresses and amazing hats. I discovered the ‘hats’ are just a length a fabric … but oh, the skill required to get it looking so elegant on your head! Don’t they look stunning?

It was little Esther’s dedication, so there were lots of guests, and some of the men looked as good as the women in their special outfits.

A dedication is a choice parents make to present their child to God, in the presence of their church congregation. It is a time when they promise God they will teach their child about Him so that when the child is old enough he may decide for himself if he wants to follow God. It is also acknowledging the possibility the adult child may choose not to believe.

The layout is inspired by our sketch #26, but I did not follow it closely.

Versions 2 & 3.

Tradition2 WEBTradition3 WEB

I played with this layout for a while before I was satisfied with it, hence the three variations.

The journaling reads:

Tradition … bringing a child to God and promising to teach her God’s ways so that when she is old enough she is equipped to decide for herself if she wants to follow Him.

Tradition … wearing clothes typical of our culture.

Tradition … taking photos to scrapbook special occasions.


Taking a closer look at the layout

Tradition WEB

The lace at the top of the page is part of the paper, but I added the button border and flowers at bottom right.

Tradition3 WEB

Then I decided I wanted to separate the page a bit more, so in this later version (3) the darker paper is curled back showing the lighter paper underneath.

Scrapbooking Products used:

wm AWI SSPaper CraftyPlaster MKTG 600
Brush Set: Misty
Brush Set: Lovely Lace
Brush Set: Simple Stitch
Noteworthy Paper Biggie

wm SNU DynBrushSet Buttons6301 MKTG600
Buttons 6301

Lifted Photos Biggie -Weathered

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Vintage Photo

Teaching our children about the things that are important to us draws them into something bigger than themselves which helps them feel connected, which in turn is strongly linked with self-worth. So start scrapbooking your traditions this weekend. We have a growing number of sketches to provide a springboard for your inspiration.