sketch34 sample2 web2For a totally different take on sketch 34 we have this lovely digital scrapbooking wedding layout from Isabella.

“I love the vibrancy of this digital kit by Amanda Sok, and the word art title ‘You make my heart sing’ seemed so appropriate for a wedding layout,” said Isabella. “I chose to soften it with the flower garland to make it look a bit more wedding like. The garland is made of individual elements by Melissa Renfro.

“I turned the sketch, kept the circle themes and implied the background circle with the garland. (It had held the journaling on the sketch).

“I’d been working with the yellow of the flowers, and the greens in the kilt and the background of the photograph, as my color themes, but I wasn’t happy with it. I didn’t have a color wheel handy, and momentarily forgot the online versions, so I pressed ctrl+I to invert the colors to see what PSE came up with and got varying shades of purple. I liked the result and went on from there.”

Take a closer look

sketch34 sample2 web2

Well, Isabella, I think it’s great! I love the flower garland and the ‘glow’ of the circle around the happy couple. May your lovely daughter-in-law always look up to her husband with respect, and may he always look at her with such love in his eyes – love and respect are so important in a marriage. And your son looks sooo handsome in his kilt!

It’s good to see that a wedding layout can work with vibrant colors as well as muted shades. Thanks for looking.