It’s winter and it’s time for scrapbooking snow pages.

This simple digital scrapbook page shows Isabella’s daughter in the snow. The photo was taken by her fianc? (now husband!) The title is playing with words for this was taken soon after they got engaged.

Accomplished scrapbookers read on to find a link to more challenging designs and for some excellent digital scrapbooking supplies.

Those who are new to scrapbooking will find some tips here too.


We love to show you simple scrapbooking layouts to allay [dispel, alleviate, calm, put to rest] your scrapbooking fears and to show you that scrapbooking is just that – simple! As you learn more and grow in confidence you will be able to try more complicated designs and layout composition. But don’t be afraid to get started. Use what you have and are familiar with to get off to a fast start.

We’ve used Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 to make this page. We’ve done nothing complicated, using only the basic shapes you will find in any graphics program. Here’s how:

  • the fonts for the title are Berlin Sans FB and Bauhaus 93 which are both on the basic list, and printed in different sizes
  • the mini tag is a rectangle, then use the ‘skew’ button to narrow one end (our tag has the date on it)
  • the little ‘chain’ attached to the tag is 2 short straight lines ‘hooked’ around the lower part of the letter O – making the tag look like it’s flying from it
  • the main photo is matted on a black rectangle and the larger mat behind has been filled with one of the fill options to add texture and a bit more interest
  • for the ‘brads’ use the star in the shapes section – make one and then copy it to be sure they are all the same size

You can see how straightforward these are. No complicated techniques. If you are familiar with Microsoft Publisher you will be able to get the same result.

It will be no more difficult to make the same scrapbook page with paper. Print the words off at the size you will require and cut them out. If you want a bit more strength than the paper affords, then glue the letters to light card before cutting them out and attaching to your paper layout.

You can prepare the journaling on your computer too or write it by hand.

If you like a more elaborate design then ScrapGirls (who have a newsletter too with regular freebies) has great digital scrapbooking supplies, digital layout ideas and embellishments that look like the real thing. You can get digital scrapbooking kits, too. All are available from the ScrapGirls store

If you’d like to learn ‘real’ digital scrapbooking then try Learn digital scrapbooking fast

(By using one of our links above to ScrapGirls we get a little commission from them if you buy anything, which helps keep the website going. The same is true on any of the ads on the site. Thanks – end of sales pitch! lol.)

If you are a ‘real’ digital scrapper and would like to show your work on our site then let us know. Send an email to me at: my name (first name only) at our website dot com – using the usual email format.

Scrapbooking snow layouts has never been easier, whether digital or paper. Hope this spurs you on to greater things. If you use our layout design as a scrapbooking sketch for your next layout then let us see how you get on. Contact us as in the paragraph above – sorry we have to be so devious in trying to hide the email address. Enjoy your scrapbooking. (And here’s the bigger photo of today’s layout. Have fun!)

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