Scrapbook Layout 6Scrapbooking sketches, layout ideas and templates are fluid creatures.

We give you an idea and you take it and make it your own.

Sketches are not like dressmaking patterns where you do everything exactly as the instructions dictate to get the right fit. Or knitting patterns where the least deviation ruins the pattern in the finished item. Templates are more like a ‘one size fits all’.

Making a scrap book is an entirely personal achievement. No two will ever be the same, even if you start with the same scrapbook templates.

The squiggle in the bottom left hand corner of this sketch is an impression of whatever you want there. It could be embellishments, flowers, scrolls, etc. You decide. I could have used some scrolling tools there, but that may have limited you, so with a squiggle you are free to craft it in your style.

Email your interpretations to Genie at our website (normal email format). There will be a prize for the best one.

I’ve been trying to capture the essence of a scrapbooking sketch or template. It is a rough copy, or a first attempt that you take and develop.

So take this or any one of our scrapbooking sketches, improve on it, and show us your results!

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