ScrapbookLayoutFeb08Our scrapbooking sketch went a bit wild this month, lol!

Firstly we were bored with the monotony of a gray scale. Then, having decided to use multiple squares the layout needed softening, so we added the curved arrows. And finally we thought to add some fun by using the arrows to make the curvy flow through the page.

Hmm … let’s see what we can make of it. Read on for ideas and a sample layout.

What can we do with all those squares?

Well, for a start …

  1. The squares can be photographs, titles/sub titles, journaling, flowers, swirls and other embellishments or patterned paper.
  2. Combine areas if you want to use a large photograph.
  3. Place multiple mini photos in one or more tile.
  4. Twist, turn or overlap the various elements.
  5. You can change the flow by moving the arrows or removing them altogether and using traditional design techniques to carry the eye through the page.

Then again you could just ignore it altogether … but we hope not.

Remember it is only a guide to get your creative juices flowing, which means you can interpret it whatever way you want. Add your ideas in the comments.

… …

Here’s what we came up with …

Wedding Layout: Choosing the Dress

Choosing the Dress 6in

The background is a wonderful rich ‘satin’ which goes well with the luscious fabrics of wedding dresses. Apart from the texture of the ‘satin’ the only embellishments are the handmade arrows guiding you around the photographs and story.

… …

Here’s the big view

Choosing the Dress 6in

… …

The journaling is in three blocks and reads as follows …

*Skip to the bottom if you are in a hurry and don’t want to read the journaling.

Text block 1

“What color? What style? What train?
Just some of the questions yet without answers.
I was so thankful you asked me to come with you. You’d been so independent I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thank you.
It was a fun two days. Tiring as the photo on the right reminds us, but with many laughs, too. So thankful for the satellite navigation that got us from one bridal store to the next.
We laughed when the elegance of the dress was ‘spoiled’ as your ugly sisters’ socks were revealed as you tried on some perilously high heels.”

Text block 2

“You are so slim there was only one dress that was not miles too big for you. One fun memory from the second day is in connection with that: we were in a small dressing room with only one mirror and, after trying several dresses, you were frustrated you could not see the back of them. The one you were wearing at that point was a big dress, so you just turned around inside it and looked down to see what the back was like!! The dress was so heavy it just stood on its own while you did this. lol.”

Text block 3

“It was hard work choosing a wedding dress! You sat down, as in the photo above, more than once.
You narrowed it down but didn’t make a final decision. And it was interesting to see that one of your favorites was the very first dress you tried – and almost didn’t try as you didn’t like it when the assistant brought it to show you! At that stage we convinced you to try everything since it was the first day. The second day you were more selective. It was great getting these photographs for most stores did not allow us to take photos for fear of stealing their ideas.”

“Time flies so fast,” says Isabella. ” My daughter got her dress a few weeks later and was absolutely delighted to find it in the sale for a third of the price!”

… …

*Pick up here if you ignored the journaling …

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