sketch40 faded

This month’s scrapbooking sketch has just one photo with faded or distressed edges. I’ve suggested chipboard or other embellishments down one side.

This layout would work equally well if you like to make greeting cards.

You can use one photo or you could place several within the frame

As usual we have turned the sketch to give several alternate views. Plus we have five 2-page combinations to give you the boost you need.

Turn the layout around and what does it look like?

Layout Idea 1

Sometimes turning the layout around works well and gives you something that, with perhaps a couple of little tweaks, gives an excellent double-page layout.

sketch40 faded sketch40 faded

Layout Idea 2

In the 2-page spread below consider adding journaling where the title is on the second page or spread it across both pages. You can choose to leave the stagger in the photos, but you may or may not want to leave the ribbon at the top of the right-hand page. (The simplest option is to drop it to match the left page.)

sketch40 faded sketch40 faded

Layout Idea 3

The 2-page layout idea below suggests having one border on the left and the other on the bottom right. You’ll just have to imagine the photos sitting neatly beside each other as in the first double layout at the top. (I cannot achieve it here without remaking the sketch.)

sketch40 faded sketch40 faded

Layout Idea 4

Place your decoration at the top of the page.

sketch40 faded sketch40 faded

Layout Idea 5

Or place your decoration at the bottom of the page.

sketch40 faded sketch40 faded

A scrapbooking sketch is a springboard to help you get started on a new layout. You can choose to follow it exactly or come up with something entirely different, yet still inspired by the sketch. See our other scrapbooking sketches for more ideas. And come back tomorrow for some samples. Have fun!

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