sketch39 stack em1a

Our scrapbooking sketch is late this month due to technical difficulties. However it is here at last and we hope it is useful to you.

It’s a 4-photo layout idea on a layered background, with title, sub title and journaling block.

Use the photos straight as you see them in the sketch, pull them closer together to resemble photos stacked on top of each other, or turn them and they’ll look like you’ve dropped them and they are scattered on the layout.

Now don’t get dizzy as you look at this next section, lol! We’ve turned the layouts as usual, but for some reason it did something funny to my head this time, so be warned! *grin*

sketch39 stack em1asketch39 stack em1a

sketch39 stack em1a sketch39 stack em1a

Our next scrapbooking sketch will be out early next month. Have fun scrapbooking with this sketch or try another from our sketches archive.

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