sketch35 2page

Scrapbooking sketch #35 is here. It’s a 2-page spread with 3 different sized photographs. The big one is 5 x 7 in, the next is 6 x 4, and then a smaller one which could be an old photo, for example.

There are flowers which can be placed as you see them, moved, ignored, or exchanged for photo corners. You may want to garland the large photo for example since there is so much space, or echo the shaped area with flowers or shapes cascading down the left side.

There is room for journaling on the right page. Enjoy the ‘white space’ or use it to journal in. Or you could tell your story on the outside columns and follow the shapes, if you prefer.


Take a closer look

sketch35 2page

A two-page layout idea gives you 3 layout options: one double or two singles. The individual sketches are below if you’d like a closer look at them.

sketch35 left

sketch35 right

Either of these single sketches could also become a card.


Wondering how they will look turned round?

We’ve tossed the images around as we usually do to give you an idea of what some variations could be. The text is upside down and back to front, and you may choose to change its position. This is a quick and simple way to show the variations without creating a new sketch for each one.

sketch35 left sketch35 left

sketch35 right sketch35 right

Please note: Any similarity between our sketches and any other is purely coincidental; we have not knowingly copied another’s work. However, we acknowledge we are all influenced by other scrapbookers, and therefore the possibility of similarities exists with sketches just as with other products. If you see work similar to your own here, please bear this in mind.

Some examples of using this sketch are
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Our sketches are now available as downloadable digital templates. If we haven’t got round to making the sketch you want in this form, contact us with your request and we’ll get straight to it. We hope to have most of them available in this form.

A scrapbooking sketch is a springboard to your own creativity. Have fun with this one or any of our other sketches.