We have a new scrapbooking sketch again this month, along with some tips and suggestions on how to use it.

First off, we have a large white border … keep as is, journal in it, or use your favorite patterned paper, plain or patterned cardstock.

Next, we have a large ragged-edged area … fill it with a photograph, or distress the edge of patterned paper or cardstock. There are some interesting cardstocks around with contrasting core, but even ‘normal’ white core looks interesting and can be coloured with inks or chalks, if you don’t have any specialty card on hand.

Ignore the ragged or distressed edges if you prefer not to damage your cardstock or photographs, or prefer a ‘tidier’ result.

Finally, there are places for five photographs of varying sizes.

A Different Look …

You can vary a scrapbooking template simply by turning it around. I cheated with these first few and flipped or rotated them, but then decided to go back to my photo-editing program to make a better job of the later ones.

This one was turned 90 degrees, almost giving a landscape perspective. It was also flipped horizontally so the small images have a slightly different order. The title could go down your page or remain horizontal as in the original. Journal in the white space at the bottom or leave it as white space.

Sketch 33 WEB

Prefer your photos at the top of the page?

Sketch 33 WEB

Now they’re at the other side … magic, eh! :D

Sketch 33 WEB

Then we changed the size of the photographs to change the look of the layout.

Sketch 33-2 WEB


Thinking of a two-page layout?

Sketch 33 WEBSketch 33 WEB

Put both size photos together across two-page spread and the result is below …

Sketch 33-2 WEBSketch 33-2a WEB


Or you may prefer more of an overlap between the pages. You could pull the images closer together again if they are suitable to split across two pages. Adding text and an embellishment to the bottom right would balance the layout, which is a little heavy on the left at the moment.

Sketch 33-2b WEBSketch 33-2c WEB


So that’s some ideas with our latest scrapbooking sketch to be getting on with. We have many more sketches if you’d like to explore. Have fun.

Sketch 33
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