Sketch-31 WEB

Are you looking for a scrapbooking sketch with multiple photos to catch up on your summer scrapbooking, or even last year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas photos before the next holidays come round again? Then this new layout idea could be just what you are looking for.

If you are unhappy about the fact it has thirteen photo places, then splitting the two larger central photos horizontally will give you fifteen places.

Multiple photo layouts are a great way to record your memories without taking too much time or using up too many supplies – a great idea in today’s belt-tightening economy.

Then again you could use coordinating cardstock or patterned paper to fill some of the shapes.

Another angle on the sketch

Some people find it easier to print and cut out the sketch and turn it around until they find an angle they are happy with. Here is a quick look at the same sketch from different angles.

Sketch-31 WEBSketch-31 WEB
Sketch-31 WEB

If there are similarities between these sketch ideas and others you have seen, please note we have not knowingly copied another’s work. However, it is hard to be totally isolated and not be affected by other work we see. So if we have inadvertently copied original work you have created, then please take it as a compliment that the work has stayed in our mind long enough to be emulated. If you tell us where we may have seen your idea we will be happy to credit you.

On this occasion it was some magazine covers that sparked the idea. (And we know that for sure, lol!)

We hope this template will inspire you to create layouts you and your family will treasure. For more ideas see our other sketches. Have fun.

Sketch 31
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