This scrapbooking sketch reminded me of an old-fashioned circus ringmaster, with his big curly moustache. But you don’t have to give your layout a moustache, lol!

With autumn well and truly here now in the northern hemisphere you could use this page layout idea to showcase the wonders of changing colours, or grateful harvests. Or do you want to use it with your pumpkin patch photographs?

There have been some glorious autumn colours in the trees and bushes near us, well deserving of a layout all to themselves … if I’d only had my camera with me when I saw them! I’ve a semi-automatic – camera that is, not gun! – but maybe I should get one of those tiny point-and-shoot cameras that give great results. Then I can keep it in my handbag – all the time!!!!

Since we don’t all live on this side of the world, it could be a spring page for those of you in the southern hemisphere. What wonderous plants or creatures are waking up in your area that you’d like to tell us about up here?

It’s fun being part of the world wide web, ‘meeting’ people from all quarters of the globe, and learning about life in a much more interesting way than we did in geography lessons at school! (But then I’m sure geography lessons are very different nowadays!)

With the days getting noticably shorter here in Scotland, we’ve been getting tens of thousands of birds coming south from the Arctic to our milder climes. And likewise, losing many to Spain, Africa and other warmer countries. I’m always amazed at the instincts of wild animals and birds as they move around the world. Then again, perhaps it’s God who whispers in their ears, just as he does in ours, ‘This is way to go.’ And the animals pay attention better than we do!

Remember a scrapbooking template is an idea to get you off and running with your next layout. It is not necessary to follow it exactly. So, what changes could you make?

On first pass you may draw a blank when you look at a new sketch. If inspiration is no nearer, how about looking at it another way as a simple alternative? You’ll be surprised what simply turning a sketch can do.

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If this layout still does not get your creative juices flowing, take a look at one of our other sketches and see what does the trick for you. And if all else fails, you can always pick and choose bits from more than one scrapbooking sketch, lol! Give it a go and see what fun you can have.