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No, this month’s scrapbooking sketch is not a dinner plate … but it could be if you want, lol! You could show what you had for each course of a special meal, and who you shared it with – that’s the first idea to get you off the ground this month.

Or how about the person in the photo in one of the lower quadrants imagining their favorite meal? Or someone dreaming wistfully of something they’d like to do, or some place they’d like to go.

I’ve been exploring Photoshop Elements 6 and you are seeing some of the results here in the sketch. Read on for more suggestions on how to use it.

A wise man once said, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” (You’ll find that in the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, chapter 1, verse 9.) And that suits me fine as I’ve been learning a little more about digital scrapbooking and this month’s sketch reflects those lessons. It’s probably not an entirely new sketch idea, but making it was covering new ground for me.

These sketches work equally well whether you are a digital or a paper scrapper, so have a look and see what you will make with it.

More Ideas to Scrapbook this Sketch …

Scrapbook the seasons – I know I have photographs of several scenes taken at different times of the year that would work on this one.

Scrapbook funny faces or expressions – one each of different people, or two of two, or four of the same person.

Scrapbook four views from your house, or of a favorite spot.

Scrapbook four sunsets, or four rivers, or four trees or four flowers.

With this being round like a clock face it lends itself to a layout indicating the passage of time.

A Closer look at the sketch …

09sketch27jul WEB

The text is written in two semi-circles, or you could have one smaller section per photograph.

Hope you have as much fun making a layout with this scrapbooking sketch as I had making it. Thanks for looking in.