Our scrapbooking sketch for June uses 5 photographs, with a focus on one and allowing the other four to supplement the story.

As usual, there are many ways to interpret a scrapbooking sketch and it’s always exciting to see the various ideas people come up with. I often find myself saying, “Wow, I never thought of that!”

The background in this sketch leaves a lot to your imagination. Fill it or leave the ‘white space’ for two very different looks.

We have more layout variations below, including some two-page spreads for you to try this month.

… … …

How does this sketch look if I turn it?

Many visual people can ‘see’ how a sketch will look whichever way round. However, for the rest of us, and to ease the brain, we’ll turn it around here. I know I can often be surprised by the resulting sketch idea.




Because of the symmetry this sketch doesn’t change a lot as you turn it around, but it does give a little variation that may inspire you.

… … …

Two-page layout ideas using this scrapbooking sketch.

Can you see what is happening in the following sketches?


The one above uses the sketch 3 times. Once, the right way up and twice turned upside down.


This is the same combination, just arranged across the whole page this time.

Both of these variations still allow you to leave plenty of ‘white space’, or provide room to include loads of journaling about what is happening in your photographs.

Taking time to add the story will help a few years down the line when the memory has faded a little. There were so many things I thought I’d never forget, and while I haven’t forgotten all of them, the details surrounding them are not quite as clear as they once were. So I for one wish I’d done this earlier.

… … …

Just want to add …

While we may have been influenced by the work of others, we have not knowingly copied anyone else’s work. If we have inadvertently done so, please let us know and we’ll willingly credit you/them.

If you usually find it hard to visualize what a variation on a sketch will look like, one idea that may help is to print it off and cut out the pieces, if you wish. You can then move them around on your page, just as you might do with your photos sometimes, to get them to fit to your liking.

Remember, a scrapbooking sketch is just that, a sketch, an idea, to jumpstart your work, or to help get you started when you can’t think what to do. As such, you can either follow it closely or vary it as you wish once inspiration kicks in.

We don’t always need a scrapbooking sketch, but when we find one it can be a real boost to our creativity. Hope you find this one is.