Sketch 24 WEB

I find it exciting to start a new layout with a scrapbooking sketch. It always gets me off the mark more quickly than sitting with just a few photos and scrapbook supplies.

This new sketch includes 3 papers, 1 photo, ribbon and journaling block (or it could be another photo, if you prefer.) There’s a title block and one or two positions that could be a sub-title and journaling, or a quote. Try it and see how you get on.

The sketch will turn easily should you want to try a different perspective. See below for some variations, then choose the one that suits your purpose best.


Twists on this layout sketch

Sketch 24 WEB Sketch 24 WEB Sketch 24 WEB Sketch 24 WEBSketch 24 WEB Sketch 24 WEB

Yes, I know the words are upside down and back-to-front on some of these! lol! I’m afraid I was lazy and flipped them instead of making new sketches for each direction! The question is, have I got all the variations or have I missed something? Drop me an email if you see something I’ve missed!

Does any one direction for this new scrapbooking sketch suit you more than another? Try one and see. We have lots more sketches for you to make wonderful layouts with. Or are you wondering, “How do I use a scrapbooking sketch?” If you’ve any questions we are happy to help.