ScrapbookLayout1708Here is this month’s scrapbooking sketch. As you can see it’s for one large photograph and four smaller ones, and uses two or more background papers – if that’s how you want to use it.

What would this sketch be like if you lay down on your side to view it, or stood on your head?

OK, that’s just a silly way of saying you do not have to use the sketch this way up, but you can turn it around and choose the perspective that suits your photos.

And to save you the bother of the contortions, here are the alternatives.

Some perspectives work better than others, but this gives you an idea of what to expect.

ScrapbookLayout1708 ScrapbookLayout1708

ScrapbookLayout1708 ScrapbookLayout1708

Remember, you do not have to keep exactly to the sketch, it is just to get you started thinking of the possibilities.

As some people prefer a sketch without a sample layout, and others prefer it with, we have decided to post a sample layout using this sketch tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Each scrapbooking sketch has huge potential, and will look different from each person and each time you use it. This is not only due to your photos, of course, but also to the wide range of scrapbooking products available today. What does this one prompt you to make?


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