Lots of circles in the scrapbooking sketch this month which is based on an ad seen in a shopping mall.

How would use this?

We’ve one layout with some variations for you to check out and comment on. Tell us what you like about it or how you would improve it?


As with most sketches you can turn it around to get the best angle for what you want to do with it. To save you twisting your head off or ruining your brain trying to figure it out we have turned it for you. LOL

l to r: original and flipped vertically

ScrapbookLayout1508 ScrapbookLayout1508

l to r: turned and flipped horizontally

ScrapbookLayout1508 ScrapbookLayout1508

Since Isabella is still very new to digital scrapbooking, she posted her layout Anticipation to the Scrap Girls gallery and asked for constructive criticism. The image will take you to see what was suggested.

Click on any image if you’d like to see a more detailed view


After re-working with some of the suggestions she produced this layout …
15 ScrapbookLayout1508-CC2

… and also this one

14 ScrapbookLayout1508-CC

“I’ll probably work on it some more,” Isabella says, “and see what else I can come up with. If I make one I’m really happy with I’ll let you know.”

That’s the beauty of digital scrapbooking

The products used are:

Up at the Villa Collection Biggie

Patternologie Collection Biggie

That’s another scrapbooking sketch idea for you to play with. Hope you enjoy it. If you wish to the layouts or tips to add please use the comments.

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