Our scrapbooking sketch this month has three long, large, photographs, title, subtitles and a journaling block.

It’s based on a film advertisement that caught my eye. I liked the clean lines and the white space, yet it still has room to tell your story.

We have some ideas to use this scrapbook sketch. Read on to view them.

Scrapbooking sketches are great as a springboard for creativity, either when looking for something different from your normal style or to help when our own ideas are not flowing. A sketch is sometimes called a scrapbook template

Ideas for using the sketch:

  • split one photograph across the three spaces
  • close up shots
  • use one large photo – especially on one page of a double page spread
  • progression of 3 action shots
  • this could continue on the second page with another 3 action shots or each photo could become multiple photos
  • when using the horizontal layout it could become 3 film strips
  • 3 important people in your life – use the double spread to include more people
  • rotate the sketch until you find the arrangement that suits your photographs

Alternate ways to align the sketch:

With a little bit of adjustment the same layout will rotate for a double page spread.


Use the title area on the second page as a title or it can become one or two journaling blocks.

Flip the sketch around again and you get …


Each view can be used on its own or as a two-page scrapbook layout

Well, that’s another scrapbooking sketch for another month. If you use it, please leave a comment to say where we can view. Thanks for looking.

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