ScrapbookLayout12Are you looking for a scrapbooking sketch to show off that very special photo?

Then try our new template. It has places for a large photo and 2 small ones. The two positions for words can be used as title and sub title, or you could use the either one for a little information to go with the photo.

If this doesn’t quite fit the bill then read on for 3 more ideas …

What alternate layout ideas are there?

Here are some suggestions …

Scrapbook Idea 1

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but do you want to say the words as well as show the pictures?

Did so much happen this Christmas that you want to record it all before you forget? Then use that large photo space on the right for your story.


Scrapbook Layout Idea 2

“I’ve a lot of story to tell, but not that much!”

I hear you.

Then reduce the large photo space to fit your words. You’ve then got space to use two larger photographs as in the layout idea here on the left.

6″ x 4″ photos will work well here.


Idea 3

Combine either of these layouts in a double page spread with our previous scrapbooking sketch #11 and showcase more of your favorite photos from the Christmas holiday season, Valentine’s Day, wedding or other special occasion.

ScrapbookLayout11 ScrapbookLayout12

When you substitute journaling for the large photo on the right you can choose whether you have a story on each page or put three photos on the left hand page – either will work well.

ScrapbookLayout11 ScrapbookLayout12alt

So. another scrapbooking sketch from us here at Hope you enjoy it. Let us see what you do with it and we’ll show it in the gallery.

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