anniversary cardAs I’ve said before, scrapbooking and card making go hand in hand, and about this time of year the more organized among us start to think of making Christmas cards for family and friends. No, strike that! The more organized among us will have all their cards made already, and be almost finished their gift shopping, too! Well, for the rest of us then, may I suggest that when you make your cards you make a few extra to send to those organizations sending cards to the troops?

Regardless of how you feel about war or the current conflicts in particular, the men and women on the front line benefit from support, encouragement, and knowing they are not forgotten. Donating a few cards can be a great morale booster. Can you imagine how difficult it is to buy greetings cards in conflict zones?

There are two ways you can help:

  • send cards to encourage our armed forces, and/or
  • provide cards they can use to send to their loved ones

BBC Radio Devon Producer/Presenter, John Govier, acts as a collecting point for those in the UK who want to send cards. Contact him at this address:

Cards For The Troops
c/o John Govier
BBC Radio Devon
PO Box 1034
Plymouth, UK

While in the United States, Operation Write Home (formerly known as Cards For Heroes) will happily take your cards and forward them.

Post by these dates at the LATEST:

  • Thanksgiving: Oct 1
  • Christmas: Oct 30
  • All other cards: anytime!


Important Note: Do not use glitter on your cards.

Here’s what Operation Write Home has to say about that …

“The reason behind our “no glitter” requirement may help to clarify things. It’s not about the shiny aspect of glitter. It’s about the messy side of it!

“Many of our deployed heroes live in very primitive conditions. Primitive as in no showers for a couple weeks. No laundry. Nowhere to get cleaned up. And if they open a box of cards and get sprinkled all over, they might have absolutely nowhere to get rid of all that mess; they may not even realize it’s all over them. And if they have glitter on their uniforms it can put them at risk — it can make them visible to night vision goggles, and that is just not a risk we’re willing to take!”

While this is a requirement for Operation Write Home cards, it sounds very sensible to apply to all cards sent to troops, no matter how you send them.

There are other useful tips at the Operation Write Home website.

Amongst the birthday, love you, miss you, sympathy, etc. cards, don’t forget to include something a mum or dad on active duty can send to their child. Aim for quality over quantity … do your best, and show love to the guys and girls on the front line!

This weekend, the first Saturday of October, is World Card Making Day. How about using your scrapbooking paper scraps to make an extra card or two and sending it to the troops?

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