sketch43 sample

This scrapbooking layout is made with sketch 43 which was posted two weeks ago. I don’t know where the time has gone. Well, I do actually: I’ve been busy making Christmas gifts for the family.

I made the layout right after posting the sketch, but time ran away with me in the run up to Christmas, so it’s only being posted now. But that has given you loads of time to do your layout, right? Ok, maybe not, given the time of year, lol!

Take a closer look

The photographs are from a recent trip to Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

The paper is our free download: Circles digital scrapbooking paper. (I think I turned the paper, but that’s the problem when you don’t post straight away … you forget!)

The journaling reads:

With a birthday just 12 days before Christmas you get used to spending it wrapped up in winter woolies.

Well, my wonderful hubby took me away from it all this year … well, almost all, for the laptops went too, lol!

We had 3 super weeks on the island of Tenerife – sun, sea and … SNOW – but only on the mountain top ~ 12,198 feet. ¬†We had to chase the sun on a few days like the one here, but even when it rained it was warm!

We had a friend join us for the middle week and after church on the Sunday we decided to follow the only patch of blue sky we could see to get out of the cloud and threatening rain. And this was the result.

We eventually ended up on the coast at Candelaria having a very late lunch (Spanish style) by the beach in 30 degrees C.


The journaling got rather lost because of the background paper so, having chosen a strong font, I added a layer behind the text layer, selected the marquee tool, set the size of the feather in the box, made my shape, filled it with color and then reduced the opacity until I could read the journaling. (Sorry, I can’t remember the details of my selections but just work with the numbers in the feather and the opacity until you get what you need.)

Now if I’m going to get this sample scrapbooking layout posted before the new year then I’d better stop chattering and get it done! Have fun scrapbooking.