Scrapbooking Layout Rose-Tinted

Our recent scrapbooking sketch 42 was the base for Isabella’s layout Rose Tinted.

“It’s a remake of a scrapbook layout I started a while back but never quite finished. Maybe it was waiting for this sketch,” she laughed.

“I used two layers of digital paper with the lower one peeking through and highlighting the area with the photograph and those beautiful flowers by Brandy Murry at ScrapGirls,” she added.

“The paper is textured using the ‘water paper’ filter in PSE, and the upper layer has been erased using a sea sponge brush to show the darker layer beneath.

“It’s quite a while since I did the flowers,” Isabella said, “and I used the bevel and I think it was a glow effects. I really should make a note at the time so I can explain later … or repeat it without struggling to reinvent it each time!”

Take a closer look


I’m sorry the texture on the top layer of paper is not showing well. You can see a little fuzziness around the edges, but the all-over texture is missing here.

The photo corners are a PSE shape with a small white stroke added. It gives quite a lacy effect, don’t you think?


Here’s the original sketch. Note how Isabella interpreted the horizontal and vertical stripes in the original sketch. Just a reminder that you do not have to copy a sketch exactly as it is.

So, a sample scrapbooking layout with sketch 42 – a great way to start a layout. Is this the spark that ignites your interest in digital scrapbooking? Here are more sketches for inspiration. Have fun.

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