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Creating a layout with scrapbooking sketch #26 was a great opportunity to show the proud new Mummy & Daddy with their first child, surrounded by their own loving parents. (Told you we’d get lots of baby layouts from Isabella for a while!)

“A mild & sunny day was a pleasant surprise in mid February so soon after the heavy snow that covered the ground at Emily’s birth,” says Isabella. “So, to take advantage of the sunshine, and making sure the baby was well snuggled in her new shawl, the camera was set up on a tripod for a few shots in the garden.”

There is no journaling on this layout other than the title, ‘generations’, the sub-title, ‘Parents, Children, Grandchildren’, and the words ‘loved’ and ‘blessed’ summing up how the families feel.

Read on for a closer look at this simple, uncluttered layout, some tips on how Isabella made her photo frame, and where to find a whole matching collection of free digital scrapbooking supplies to try for yourself.


Taking a closer look …

Sketch B Generations WEB2


The layout, made with this sketch, uses an edging brush to make the frames around the photographs.

“Simply make the brush the length you need,” says Isabella, “and either brushing it or adding a layer with the .png file, turning it as you require. When it was right, I merged the layers to make it easier to move as one item with the photos as I decided just where on the page I wanted them to be.”

Emily’s name was made up with alpha beads and put onto a safety pin which is hooked through the letter ‘g’ of ‘generations’. I love the little sun bonnet sitting on the letter ‘s’.

… … …

The Products used.

Paper is from Erica’s Bouncing Baby Girl Collection. Melissa’s Misty has been used on the paper background. And other products are:

  • EdgingBrushes1
  • InkedEdges
  • EternalLove_BrushSet
  • WornOverlays
  • Vintage Millinery Flowers
  • AlphaBeads
  • Fragments


Favorite Scrapbooking Products

Isabella says, “The digital scrapbooking sites have been so helpful. There are classes and lots of instructions, and the members have also been great answering my sometimes stupid questions on the messageboard when I got stuck on something.”

If you are not a digital scrapbooker yet, check out the website for loads of useful, free information, and instructions for using digital scrapbooking supplies. See their newsletter for free products to try it out. And if you just want to try it to see how you’ll take to it, download the free kit to get you started. You’ll find papers, embellishments, digital paper templates, word art, photo frames, journaling blocks, a digital brush set, digital layout templates – so you don’t even have to spend any money to try digital scrapbooking!

I asked Isabella what one thing she liked most about digital products.

“I love that I never run out of my favorite papers!” she says. “I’ve got lots of lovely paper scrapbooking papers (you know what I mean!) that I don’t want to use because they’re just too lovely and I can’t replace them when they are finished.”

“Oh, and I love that I always have the right color because I can adjust the color of my digital papers (and embellishments, too!) to match my photographs in my photo-editing software!”

With these wonderful free digital products together with our sketch 26 (or any of our other sketches), there’s no excuse not to try digital for your next scrapbooking layout!