Scrapbooking Kits

Scrapbooking kits are popular gifts at Christmas time. If you take a look at online search trends in scrapbooking, almost the only item which peaks just before Christmas is “scrapbooking kits”. Most other scrapbooking terms peak in January.

Scrapbooking page kits, whether for digital, traditional, or hybrid scrapbooking, all carry the same concept: include everything you need to create at least one scrapbook page.

There is a huge range of kits available as scrapbooking supplies to choose from, some with just basic items included – scrapbooking paper kits with just a few papers and scrapbooking stickers – and some with a very comprehensive selection of papers, embellishments, templates, and even alphas.

Often you’ll be able to choose your kit according to a theme, independent of the season. For example:

  • wedding scrapbooking kits
  • baby scrapbooking kits
  • etc

Instead of buying a single kit, you could also consider a subscription to a monthly scrapbooking kits club. That way you’ll get a regular delivery of scrapbooking supplies each month, either by post, or if its a digital scrapbooking kit, by download.

Talking about downloads, you can also find a good range of free digital scrapbooking kits or at least samples which you can try.

To give you more ideas of what to expect from scrapbook kits, I’ve listed below all the articles on this website about kits. I hope you’ll find them enlightening.

Scrapbooking Gifts: Little Boy Collection

Buying scrapbooking gifts need not break the bank. Or perhaps you’re looking for inexpensive scrapbooking kit ideas for your own wishlist for family or friends to buy you!

Baby Scrapbooking Kits: A Gift Album

With a new baby due in the family soon I went looking to see what was currently on the market for baby scrapbooking kits. I always think there are at least two ways to give a scrapbooking album: make it myself; or give a kit as a gift album. And the arrival of a new baby is the ideal time to give a scrapbooking album kit.

Learn to Scrapbook Kit

Help the next generation with this Learn to Scrapbook Kit from American Girl Crafts. It will make a great birthday or Christmas gift, too.

Monthly Scrapbooking Kits

Monthly scrapbooking kits are popular because your scrapbooking comes to you themed and already coordinated so you can enjoy the process without worrying about the details of design and spending more time than you want (or have available) in planning and choosing colors.

FREE Digital Template Download: Purse Card

Create your own greetings cards in the shape of a purse card with this FREE digital template download. Make it by hand or on your computer. Just add your favorite papers, gems, ribbon or other embellishments to complete it.

Scrapbook Kits: What to Do with Papers you don’t like?

It saves a lot of time and hassle to buy scrapbook stacks, books and scrapbook kits, but what do you do with papers you don’t like; those that fall to the bottom of your paper trays and have been in your stash forever?

Using Melissa Renfro’s Perpetual Calendar

I made our family calendars this year using Melissa Renfro’s perpetual calendar, a digital layout template from ScrapGirls, and being a digital download you can get started in a few minutes!

Super Fast Christmas Gift Idea

We have another super fast Christmas gift idea made with a digital scrapbooking kit. Not only can you download the product and start making it within minutes, but it will be finished in no time, too. That’s what we said, super fast!

Personalize your Calendars

Make and personalize your calendars for family and friends with a simple to use digital scrapbooking kit that gives great results in super quick time.

Scrapbooking Kits

Short of time? Not sure of your color co-ordination skills? Then scrapbooking kits could be a good solution. Why? Because the hard work of matching is done for you by the professional designers.

15 Things I like about the Scrap Girls Club

We asked Isabella what she likes about the Scrap Girls Club, and we said we’d let you know. Here is her reply …

Scrap Girls Scrapbooking Kits

Many of Scrap Girls scrapbooking kits start life in their monthly club. The designers are different from month to month and so you get a variety of styles.

Summer Wedding Supplies

With the summer wedding season upon us let’s take a look at some of the latest scrapbooking wedding supplies.

Choosing a Scrapbooking Kit

Choosing a scrapbooking kit from the many on the market could be a headache in the making! Just where do you start? How do you choose which of the many kits is for you? Start with our tips to choosing a scrapbook kit right here …

Scrapbooking Kits Clubs: Pros, Cons and Tips

There are many opportunities to join scrapbooking kits clubs. We’ll look at one or two of the pros and cons and give some tips in this article.

Scrapbooking Kits – Why So Popular?

Scrapbooking kits take the guess work out of making successful layouts for most of us. They deal with our fear of choosing things that don’t work together, reduce shopping time and increase our scrapbooking time.