Choosing a scrapbooking kit from the many on the market could be a headache in the making! Just where do you start? How do you choose which of the many kits is for you?

Start with our tips to choosing a scrapbook kit right here …

Your first decision …

is paper or digital (fully digital or you can use it for hybrid scrapbooking.) This, of course, is determined by what you do already, although you may be looking to try something new.

Digital will usually be less expensive and you can use the products over and over again. That said, there are many small paper page kits that cost only a few dollars and you can buy them as and when you have some spare cash.

An alternative that covers both methods is to sign up for a regular monthly club.

Next consideration for most people …

As indicated above, it’s probably going to be cost. Some of the smaller themed kits which will make several layouts are only a few dollars while a scrapbooking kits club can be $30-50 and upwards per month and will usually make a few pages, too. It has been known for clubs not to give whole sheets of paper and cardstock. Check what the expectation is for each kit then you will not be disappointed.

Thirdly …

Do you have the patience to wait a whole month (or whatever the frequency may be) for the next kit to arrive? Why not just buy a kit as and when you are ready?

Answering these questions may help narrow things down a little.

Oh and one other point:

Some folks like to be super-organized and always have everything prepared weeks in advance … then there are others … always chasing their tail. Digital scrapbooking kits work well for us last minute people. If you’ve left it too late to buy the materials for that special Valentine, Mother’s Day or birthday card, or that tribute layout for tomorrow’s celebrations, buying the kit you need from your favorite digital site then downloading it is easy as pie and twice as quick!

Tips for choosing a Scrapbooking Kits club:

• go with a manufacturer/store owner whose taste is similar to your own – if your local scrapbook store never has what you are looking for then their club may not be for you!

• check how long the minimum membership is

• are there discounts for signing for a longer period – and do you want to take the risk; this may be an option to consider when renewing your subscription

• after a minimum membership are you still restricted to the same rules, for example, after one year do you still have to renew for the same length of time or can you move to a ‘pick and choose’ membership

• can a kit be returned or can you opt out of a given kit – check what your club allows – maybe only one/two per membership depending on the period

Other things to note:

Most kits do not include the album, only the paper and embellishments. Others have everything you need in one package, including the album. These make great gifts for special occasions like the birth of a child or a wedding gift.

If you are new to scrapbooking you may find using the small kit sets, or kits in a book work well until you get your own style. The variations in style that come with monthly kits may help you find that, however, unless you get completely hooked and spend every spare minute scrapbooking, a regular monthly kit may be too much.

For experienced scrappers the challenge of using scrapbook supplies you are unfamiliar with can be stimulating.

Sample scrapbooking kits:

Here are a few sample scrapbooking kits on the market today. You will be able to check out other similar kits when you click through on each link below.

1. Scrapbook Page Kits

Signature 12”x12” Page Kit – Army (others available)

Signature 12''x12'' Page Kit-Army 

2. Monthly Scrapbook Kits

This could be a series on its own and we may look at it in depth in the future, but for now be aware there are a lot on the market in both digital kits and paper kits. 

Manufacturers like Hot Off The Press run a varietyof monthly kit clubs from card making kits to scrapbooking kit, from kits for kids to clear stamp monthly kits. Others have set up businesses just to provide monthly scrapbook kit clubs.


3. Scrapbook Product Kits – mini album kits

Me & My Big Ideas 6”x6” Chipboard Album Kit – Madagascar Family

MAMBI 6''x6'' Chipboard Album Kit-Madagascar

4. Scrap Book kits or Scrap Pads

 K-Ology Scrap Pad To Go Page Kit-Hannah (12″ x 12″)
Scrap Pad To Go Page Kit 12''X12''-Hannah

5. Scrapbook Theme kits

For example: graduation, military, baby, wedding, seasonal, topic, etc
12''x12'' Postbound Scrapbk Kit-Classic Wedding

6. Digital Scrapbook Kits

See the details of this kit at Two Peas in a Bucket where you’ll find a huge selection of digital kits. Check them out and see what appeals to you.

That’s the end of our scrapbooking kits series. It doesn’t matter whether you are into paper page kits or digital scrapbooking kits there are a lot out there. Find the one that works best for you and enjoy it. Then try the other to see what you make of it, and share your experience with our readers in the comments below. And most of all have fun making your albums.

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