Large Accordion Book In Tin-SilverYou love scrapbooking. You have a student going to college. What could be more natural than wanting scrapbooking ideas to send with them? Did I say we’ve got some here for you? We have!

An accordion tin scrapbook of treasures

What teenager admits to missing family when they go off to college? It’s real – just not cool to say it.

Why not make a simple but innocuous little accordion scrapbook in a tin? It can sit innocently on a shelf in the new dorm room or be hidden in a drawer to be taken out whenever your student feels homesick. No one other than you and your student need know what it is or what it contains.

(Be warned by the way, it could be ten years or more, if ever, before your son will acknowledge looking at it while at college – but he will look at it when no one’s watching.)

CD Square TinDVD tinLarge Candy tinLarge Rectangle tinRound Tin 4'' Dia

You can find ready to fill accordion books and various Metal tins like DVD/CD tins and small round tins at Other variations including the ubiquitous Altoids tins. If you leave the lids blank then any of these would make an excellent little treasure tin for your student that no one else could guess at.

OK, but what do you put in it?

Like any mini scrapbook you can include photos of family members, friends, pets – anything you know your student loves and may miss. You can also include words of encouragement.

A Student Journal

Another idea is a journal for your student to use. You can scrapbook some pages with inspirational thoughts, quotes and prayers, leaving the rest blank for your student to write his experiences, thoughts and stories.

SarabindersSarabinders from Hot Off The Press are 6-ring, loose leaf chipboard folders you can decorate and fill with manila pockets, envelopes, dividers and paper. They make great journals, recipe books, CD holders. You’ll find many more ideas on how to use them at HOTP.


Other alternatives are plain notebooks and chipboard books you can alter and decorate.

Health & Safety

Any student going to self catering accommodation should be sent off with some basic food & kitchen hygiene and safety information. This could be a simple laminated sheet to be kept on the kitchen wall. Or it could be part of the contents of a Sarabinder, or other book format, full of recipes and kitchen tips to keep your student hale and healthy.

These are just a few scrapbooking ideas you can send your student off to college with. If you use any of these ideas let us know. We’d love to see it.