I Serve My CountryScrapbook your hero … A son or daughter in the military whose achievements you want to recognize … A father whose military career you want to record … A grandfather whose World War Two story you want to document …

A friend or colleague about to retire after a lifetime dedicated to serving their community or country as a law enforcement officer, military personnel, firefighter, coastguard, national guard, defender of your community …

These are all people who deserve to be honored for their unselfish dedication to the career they chose or found themselves in, by the people they spent their life protecting. Yes they were paid, but unsung heroes give more than they get.

As a child Barbara loved watching “This is Your Life” on television. Those she loved best were not the celebrity or public figures but those honoring ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the exploits of the ‘hero’ were described and he was reunited with those whose lives he had saved, or with whom he had ‘held the fort’; with family members, separated by great distances in an era when world travel was not so commonplace, and brought together to celebrate a life; with opportunities for those rescued or helped, and for colleagues to thank him for all he did.

Imagine the lump in the throat, the tear in the eye as you present your beautifully made scrapbook, recording and honoring their life.

Celebrate our heroes … Scrapbook YOUR hero.